Six types of MUGA sports pitch surfaces

What are MUGA sports pitches?

In general, MUGA stands for multi-use games areas. Thus, the term MUGA sports pitches may refer to nearly all games or sports surface, including a full-size play area, a synthetic court, or a single sports pitch. In other words, MUGA sports pitches can be used for any surfaces that would cater for a wide range of activities and sports instead of a specific area that is made to optimize the play features of a single surface.

The term MUGA sports pitches can be also used for a synthetic surface that has high durability. Therefore, you can use them to play different sports intensively and comfortably at the same time.

6 types of MUGA sports pitch surfaces

  1. Polymeric surface

In general, the polymeric MUGA sports pitches are great for playing hockey, football, basketball, netball, volleyball, badminton. sprint training, athletics, and general recreation. This type of surface is available in a wide variety of lines and colours for any sports. In addition, it provides natural shock absorption to make it more comfortable while playing.

  1. Tarmac surface

Tarmac is an economical and robust surface for sports that needs little maintenance in comparison with other types such as synthetic or grass surfaces. In most cases, the tarmac MUGA sports pitches can be used for mini-football, basketball, netball, and tennis.

  1. Acrylic surface

To enhance the MUGA sports pitches’ grip and maintain the upper layer of a tarmac surface, the manufacturer could spray an acrylic coat, also known as MUGA type 1. In general, this type of surface can great for volleyball, football, tennis, basketball, and netball.

  1. Sand-filled surface

The astroturf or sand-filled MUGA sports pitches are quite durable and idea for a wide range of recreational sports, including athletics, cricket, tennis, football, and hockey.

  1. Sand-dressed surface

Unlike other astroturf MUGA sports pitches, the sand-dressed surface requires less amount of sand on the actual manmade turf. In general, this type of surface comes with superior play features and bounce for many sports such as netball and tennis. What’s more, you can also play hockey and football on the sand-dressed MUGA sports pitches.

  1. 3G man-made turf surface

In general, the surface with a 3D man-made turf is great for 7-a-side and 5-a-side football, A longer pile height is also ideal for rugby, while the shorter one can be used for hockey. Last but not least, the D turf MUGA sports pitches is one of the best choices to play volleyball.