What Do I Need to Know about the Free Boiler Grant Scheme?

Heavily and free reduced replacement boilers can be found through ECO in the UK. This is a government scheme that was established to assist low-income households. The free boiler grant scheme will typically help low-income families to have access to home efficiency improvements. This scheme will help to lower carbon footprints and reduce the cost of heating for UK low-income households.

There is every possibility to qualify for this program if your boiler is currently at least five years old. Even if you satisfy the advantages associated criteria, there is also the possibility to qualify. It is important to know that boiler grants are always non-repayable. It simply implies that eligible applicants will not have to pay any money back during the time of application.

Another important thing to know about the free boiler grant scheme is that you will not find any difficult conditions and terms. One of these boilers can be installed in your home with innovative regulators, if you qualify for the program. The efficiency of your home will also help to determine the amount of funding received from the program. This also means that an energy assessment will be performed for free to your home.

How is the Boiler Grant Scheme Free?

The United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union. It has always been the inner making for the UK to lower its housing stock through reducing the carbon footprint. For the UK to achieve its goal, Energy Company Obligation or ECO remains an active aspect. A small percent of fund called Green Tax is paid and directed to ECO. This money is built to every citizen’s bills.

The fund will be handled by the 6 biggest energy companies in the UK. The United Kingdom government now makes it compulsory for these six energy suppliers to fund the installation of free boilers. The free boiler scheme will help to achieving home installation of boilers to the most vulnerable and low-income households.